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Taking the next step feels amazing!

I would love to dig into the current story you’re telling about your brand and business, and then strategize about how we can make improvements! Whether you partner with me to work 1-1 on developing killer copy that gets to the heart of who you are, or if this 30 minute call is the peak of our journey together, I’m committed to providing you with value.

Prior to our call I’ll review your intake form, check out your sites, and jot down notes on my perception of who you are and what your voice is. During the call I’ll share my take aways and recommend tools, resources, or ideas about your next steps forward.

That may include working with me, or it may not - no expectations or pressure!

Because I’m dedicating at least 30 minutes to researching “you” prior to talking, and then another 30 minutes on the call, I do charge a nominal appointment fee to honor my time and effort. The fee is non-refundable, and you are able to reschedule for free, as long you do so at least 2 hours before our appointment.

Fun stuff: if you purchase a Your Brand Story service from me, the fee will be applied to your statement balance as a $25 credit!

Once you schedule your appointment below, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours that contains TWO things.

First: An intake form that guides you through some basic introductory questions that will help me help you.

Second: A PayPal link so you can handle the $25 appointment fee with ease.

Fair enough? Carry on!

(For you go getters who need access to all the things as quickly as possible, you can use the hyperlinks to complete the form and payment immediately. I’ve got your back! ☺️)