You are not boring.

You feel boring, and you’re worried your story is boring too.

That’s why you’ve never been able to incorporate it into your brand or business. In fact, you find the whole story branding situation a little overwhelming, because you believe that you literally have NOTHING “story worthy” to contribute.

STOP. That is NOT true.

Your story matters.

Your story is powerful, unique, and worth sharing.

Your story will draw your ideal audience to you and create deeper connections between yourself and your people.

Your story is valuable, and it IS worth sharing.

Someone else’s tail of struggle, pain, heartache, or transformation doesn’t minimize your story, whatever shape it takes.

And just because you don’t know how to access and share your inner journey, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.

That’s why I’m here.

let me help you tell it.

I would love to partner with you and get your story out to the world.

I’ll walk you through a collaborative process that will provide me with the raw data I need from YOU, and then I’ll:

  • Generate written versions of your story, including an About page and 2-3 multiple shorter iterations for various social media or promotional purposes

  • Provide a quick synopsis showing various ways you could channel your story into the purpose and mission of your existing business or brand

  • Create examples of media outlets that may be interested in having someone with a story like yours appear in print, video, or podcast form 

  • Include a pitch template you can use if you’d like to reach out to any of the suggested outlets to share your story

Are you ready? Let’s create a story you’re proud to share with the world.

BONUS applies to the first 5 approved clients only!

  • I will take everything I’ve learned about you and your story to actually pitch you to TED. Let’s get the momentum started!


Your story is worth telling.

Let’s start today!