Taking Up Space, Episode 4

Taking Up Space, Episode 5

I spent a decent amount of time in my counseling sessions talking about taking up space - not physical space, but emotional or mental space. That sort of intangible presence that we each have in the world? Yeah, I tend to not do super well there! 

I’m a natural minimizer, and I will make myself small if I think it would make your life easier/better/more enjoyable. It’s not something that I tend to put a lot of though into; it’s something I just habitually do, and have done for a long time. For me, this impacts my hopes, dreams, desires, and general day to day life.

Why it worked? It protected me from conflict,  from drama, from having to stand up boldly and fight for myself. It kept others from knowing I was hurting, and it kept me from having to be vulnerable. It’s no wonder I kind of liked it there!

Take a listen, and see how you rate on a scale from Hannah-bottoming-out to Lady-Gaga-in-a-meat-dress.

How (and where) do you take up space, and what does that look like to you? I want to know!! Comment here, or find me on the web at www.rorschachyourreality.com. As always, on social media I’m Rorschach Your Reality.

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