Progressive Change - Guest Karissa Housden

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Karissa shares about her experiences with mindset growth over the past few years. She’s found that her journey has been a series of progressive changes and discoveries: her marriage, community, and business have all been areas impacted by her exploration into personal development.

A Bit “Woo Woo”

As someone who tends towards logic and analysis, Karissa initially found the online space to be bit “woo woo”, an idea she connected to spirituality as well as to mindfulness and personal development. After being very closed off to these avenues, she eventually became more open to the idea of expanding her perspective, which led to various shifts in how she views herself and the world.

One thing that was impactful: personal connections.

She recognized that her perceptions of others had created a “box of what I thought ‘these’ people were like”....and that making real connections broke those barriers down and opened the door to a variety of new relationships and ideas.

She also came to realize that so many reactions we have to the world (and the people in it) are based on internalized conflicts that have remained unresolved. By acknowledging and processing these areas, she’s found healing and growth, a lot of which was tied to releasing control and letting go of things she has no power to change.

Her parting advice:

Be open to different perspectives, and make connections with people who think differently from you.

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