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Stacey shares about living in a state of victimhood, where everything that happened was being done “to” her, and she had no control. This included her personal finances, her health, her deteriorating marriage, and her work; it left her feeling frustrated and disempowered.

After being assigned the book Loving What Is (by Byron Katie), she realized that she had so much more agency and power in her own life than she had ever realized! As a result, she started asking herself these two questions:

  • “How’s that working for me?” 

  • “What else could be true?”

(Side note: I loved that she talked about the questions we ask ourselves, as that is a HUGE interest of mine!)

By genuinely reflecting on the answers to these questions, she finds that there are often pathways that she hadn’t noticed or been aware of when initially facing the issue or problem. In that same vein, she realized that a lot of her initial thoughts and reactions weren’t coming from any inward process, but were actually external - maybe the pressure of what everyone else wanted, or even just the understanding of what you’re “supposed” to think, do, or feel.

If she had to offer a single piece of advice, it would be this:

To thine own self be true.

You CAN do the uncomfortable things, no matter how hard they seem, because choosing to summon the bravery and courage to be true to yourself will change everything.

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contact Stacey

You can find Stacey on her website, over in Instagram (@staceyandon), or in her private Facebook group, Love is Everywhere. You can always email her directly as well:

I’m a Master Certified Life Coach who loves to support clients in beautiful and often messy spaces of growth and transformation. I am passionate about helping you discover your own inner wisdom and transform your life from the inside out. As a certified Reiki master, I bring my intuitive gifts and healing energy to help you amplify your own energy and life force.