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Jumping in to the entrepreneur’s journey!

Cristina brings so much energy to this interview!

She shares about her “now or never” chance to commit to becoming an entrepreneur, and the opening of a new book in her life (not a new chapter...a whole new book!). As someone transitioning from a corporate career, Cristina knows what it’s like to go from the stability and expectations of a traditional job to the challenge of running your own business.

She talks about the necessary commitment to your journey, as well as learning the new balance of having both more time freedom AND more responsibility.

One of her tips: sit down once a week (she uses Sunday) and plan out your next week. I love the visual of using Post-It notes to help yourself visualize where your time is going. 

“Your mindset is the most important thing when you’re an entrepreneur.”

When you’re an entrepreneur, you need to be extremely clear with yourself about you’re trying to achieve. The results you want to achieve are going to be your guide - once you know what you want, you need to determine HOW it’s going to happen.

The key to actually implementing your how and claiming your what?


Working with a coach to improve your mindset and develop your business goals is a little like having a personal trainer. They’ll push you to your limits, encourage you, and keep you accountable for showing up and making it happen!

Cristina shares she is NOT a “victim of second guessing” - she is willing to just JUMP! As someone who does tend to struggle with that myself, I find that my strategy has been to make decisions and move on. Don’t obsess, don’t circle back, just make the decision and move forward to the next thing. In other words - trusting myself to take imperfect action.

Finally, Cristina reminds us to celebrate our successes! By noticing your achievements and having a mindset of continual encouragement towards yourself, you can create confidence and build excitement about continuing to achieve your goals. (I loved her version of self talk when she says, “Oh look at you!” and names her accomplishments.)

Not every moment is forever.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, and celebrate everything you’re doing because it’s getting you somewhere!

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Contact Cristina

You can find Cristina on IG @cristinafrosello. She has multiple coaching programs, including 21, 45, and 90 day options.