Limiting Mindsets, Episode 5

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If you feel like that limiting mindsets pretty much speak your language because they’ve taken up so much space in your life…this one is for you! And I’m going there because I get that; I am the queen of selling myself short because of limiting beliefs in all areas of life.

I’ve seen it play itself out in my relationships with other people again and again: taking the blame, assuming I’m the problem, believing I won’t be liked/wanted/cared for. And even when I’m not consciously trying to be negative…the reality is that when my underlying belief system tells that I won’t be wanted or accepted, it’s going to come through in every single interaction I have with others. In my life, that looks like searching for an escape route before I’ve even walked in the door, shutting down before anything has a chance to develop, and generally sabotaging my own attempts at connecting with others.

So if you tend to take all the GOOD in your life and tell yourself that it’s all chance, luck, or an absolute fluke….you’re dealing with some major limiting beliefs.

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