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“We were not put on this earth to just exist and do what we are told to do.”

Today I was joined by Margarita Price, a Life and Career Change coach who is dedicated to helping women live life on their own terms.

We discussed signs that you’re ready for change, as well as some of the stress that can come from choosing to break the mold and do things differently than your family or friends. Margarita suggests taking an honest look at your life and answering this question:

If my life looks this way in 5 years, will I be satisfied?

If the answer is no, start taking steps to change it!

Speaking of taking’s not enough to be dissatisfied and envision living some sort of “different” life. If all you do is think about (or mentally plan for how amazing it could be), you’ll never realize it! You absolutely have to start taking action.

Margarita suggests planning for (and then TAKING) small steps that can fit into your current life. You don’t have to suddenly dedicate 5 hours a day - we’re all busy, and that isn’t realistic. You do have to DO something though; action is what makes change real.

Stuck on exactly WHAT actions to take? Margarita starts her clients with exercises to determine core beliefs and values.

Once you know what your values are, you can make decisions from a place of confidence in who you are and what you are all about.

Interested in learning more? Register for Margarita’s free master class, all about creating a vision for the life of your dreams.

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