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Most of us know about stage hypnosis (and the attention seekers willing to cluck like chickens for the show!), but that is not the point of actual hypnosis.

Guest Jennifer Schleuter joins us to share about the art of relaxing the mind and opening up the subconscious in order to remove limiting beliefs and “blocks”, most of which are connected to our past. 

Her journey in hypnosis actually started when she was living in Los Angeles, living a full life with an inspiring job, nice apartment, and great friends...and yet somehow feeling deeply unfulfilled. After a single hypnosis session she knew with great clarity that she was going to begin traveling and gain time freedom.

Since then, she left her job, lived off her savings while attempting to become an influencer, scrapped that to become a VA, and eventually transitioned to hypnotherapy, returning to the practice that had caused her to change her own life so drastically.

Jennifer primarily works with entrepreneurs who KNOW they want to do more in their businesses...but find that it just isn’t happening. By using hypnosis to identify internalized stories, Jennifer is able to guide clients through the process of changing those narratives and breaking free from the past.

Her parting advice? Love others and love yourself.

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Contact jennifer

To connect with Jennifer, you can find her in a number of places:

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and her amazing travel blog, Discovering Legacies.

She would love to actually hear from you; don’t be afraid to send a message or reach out!

Correction: Jennifer mentions theta brainwaves as occurring from 5-8, but they actually happen from ages 2-4.