Healing with Nutrition - Guest Priscilla Johnson

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Priscilla Johnson, a Nutrition Therapist, specializes in the profession of helping people with skin issues like acne, rosacea, and eczema, with the ultimate goal of helping them clear their skin through dietary and lifestyle changes.

She joined me today to talk about using nutrition to achieve holistic healing. She has personally experienced skin issues (and went through a six-year journey to reach healing), as well as an early diagnosis of PCOS. She had the common experience of being offered a variety of medications, such as birth control and Metformin, which are common treatment methods with PCOS. She shares that her cousin had a similar experience, and I did as well.

She realized early on that a lot of the treatments being offered were just prescriptions that she was supposed to “try out” to see if they would help with anything – each one had a slew of its own side effects, and none of them were guaranteed to even help solve any of her problems.

Join us to hear more about the “hamster wheel” feeling that modern treatments can give you, as well as information about the programs Priscilla has created to help women achieve clarity and allow their bodies to heal naturally using nutrition.

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