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Following Your Dreams

Carly joined us today to share about her journey of becoming a VA and going fully remote. As a fellow member of the Laptop Freedom Program (which is how we met!), Carly shares how her own self-confidence and belief in herself have been transformed in the last year.

She had been working two minimum wage jobs and didn’t see her dreams (starting a blog and launching her own YouTube channel) as being attainable. And when we have limiting beliefs about ourselves and our abilities, it’s so easy to slip into the trap of just doing what we see everyone else doing.

An encounter with her uncle made her realize she had nothing she was really working towards. His encouragement to make a plan (and be flexible about the idea that things can always change), really got Carly thinking about what she was moving towards. Since then, she invested in the Laptop Freedom Program, moved to a new house, started a temporary part time job, and is about to go full time as a remote VA!

She credits support from both her fiancée and the group of women from the Laptop Freedom Program as being the reasons she was able to step out, take a leap of faith, and begin the first steps towards whole new realities.

As exciting as working for yourself from home can be, we also discuss its inherent challenges: staying motivated, not getting sucked into the black hole of the internet, and prioritizing “billable hours” over all the other stuff we can so easily get distracted by. Carly shares that getting up early, getting dressed and ready for the day, and getting a solid chunk of work done in the morning helps her make progress and stay on track with her online clients.

Join us to learn more about the power of investing in yourself, believing in your dreams, and taking action steps towards actually achieving them.

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