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Belle Jenings is a Mindset coach and the leader of Rise Into Purpose: A Program for Finding and Achieving Your Entrepreneurial Calling. She does all this while being a digital nomad, and has already enjoyed three countries in 2019 (with more in the works!).

She joined me on the podcast to discuss what it means to invest in yourself with joy, which she connects to self-worth and our ability to truly love ourselves.

We both found that some of the earliest investments we made in ourselves were massage and counseling - those smaller monthly costs opened the door to understanding that money spent on self-care and mental health are positive, worthwhile investments, and likely made it easier to embrace spending much larger amounts of money for coaching and support for our businesses down the road.

Belle also shares about making the mental shift from “It’s possible” to “I’m going to make my dreams come true”.

“I would get so hung up on practicalities and the “normal” heights that others had reached, and I would limit my visions to that. How in the world could I expect to live a fabulous life if I wasn’t a lawyer or banker, or stunningly beautiful, or born with a trust fund? I didn’t see how that was possible, until I started to see that others were doing it. Others are literally making livings by traveling the world, in a van, with their rescue dogs. 

As soon as I saw just a few examples of that, I started thinking “Why not me?” I started dreaming without limits--other than gravity and physics and such. I asked myself “What do I want my life to look like? How do I want to live?” and then started figuring out what would fit within that dream in terms of hours, independence, values, freedom, and opportunity. And that’s how I pieced together being a mindset and entrepreneurial coach while traveling the world out of a suitcase! “

If you’ve been contemplating an investment or life change for awhile, I’d encourage you to ask that very question:

Why NOT me?

As a former teacher, content curator, and now coach, Belle invites us to invest in ourselves while understanding that every career or experience isn’t something we need to hold on to forever - in the same way you purchase a winter coat that you’ll only wear for a few months out of the year (but still value, need, and be willing to invest in), coaches, programs, and courses may be perfect for you (and worth investing in) without having to be the “forever” plan.

Her final words of advice: be courageous, and do it fearful.

It’s 100% okay (and normal) to be scared of growth and change, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop. Commit to making your dreams a reality and follow them courageously!

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