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Full Time Remote - Guest Carly Merryweather

An encounter with her uncle made her realize she had nothing she was really working towards. His encouragement to make a plan (and be flexible about the idea that things can always change), really got Carly thinking about what she was moving towards. Since then, she invested in the Laptop Freedom Program, moved to a new house, started a temporary part time job, and is about to go full time as a remote VA!

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Personal Empowerment - Guest Stacey Andon

Stacey realized that a lot of her initial thoughts and reactions weren’t coming from any inward process, but were actually external - maybe the pressure of what everyone else wanted, or even just the understanding of what you’re “supposed” to think, do, or feel.

If she had to offer a single piece of advice, it would be this: To thine own self be true.

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Hypnosis - Guest Jennifer Schlueter

Jennifer primarily works with entrepreneurs who KNOW they want to do more in their businesses...but find that it just isn’t happening. By using hypnosis to identify internalized stories, Jennifer is able to guide clients through the process of changing those narratives and breaking free from the past.

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