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Healthy Planner

There are a million planners out there, which means the search for the perfect one could go one for YEARS. Personally, I love this one because it’s printable, easy to use, and covers the gamut of ALL THE THINGS that come up in a day, month, and beyond.


The Hashtag Files

Do you use IG? I do my best, but sometimes it can feel like such a hassle! Ever since joining The Hashtag Files monthly membership site, however, I’ve gotten a lot more joy out of engaging with others AND compiling hashtags. Feel free to check it out!

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Form & Flow Studios

Creating a brand and designing a website felt way over my head, which is why I thought of them as a far off, distant achievement. You know, like "One day I'll have a branded day I'll know what "branded" means....

Form & Flow Studios had all the knowledge and expertise that had presented from doing this a year ago, and Tasha was amazingly easy to work with (even when I couldn't quite all the pieces together myself!). If you've been thinking about working with someone who could help you gain brand clarity and bring to life all the designs you've been dreaming of, definitely reach out to Tasha here.