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An Open Letter: 10 Business Truths I'm Terrified to Share - Courtney Sjoberg

“I remember the exact day I vowed to be honest and open about the ups, downs, twists and turns and what it really takes to grow a business online. I was in my therapists office, crying on the floor, because I felt like everything I saw online was WAY better than my life.” -Courtney Sjoberg Guest Post

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Replacing Negative Thoughts

We can choose what we want to focus on, and we can choose to change a negative narrative to something that is more life giving and positive. After all, the average human is thinking over 60,000 thoughts a day…but 90% of them are repetitive. So a “few” negative thought patterns or untruths may not seem like a big deal, but they are when the get played on repeat over and over, day in and day out.

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