Steps To Achieving Your Goals

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The Idea behind Goals

When I was teaching, there was a big movement focused on student autonomy and personal growth, and part of that was goal setting. Which, let’s be honest, I love.

The idea is that students should be the ones setting goals and working towards achieving them, and the classroom was a place to facilitate that. Awesome sauce.

In practice...I didn’t love it as much you’d think.

I was a core content teacher, which happened to mean not one, but TWO, state content tests (Reading Comprehension & Writing/Grammar) and an enormous amount of pressure to produce results in a limited amount of time with a limited amount of resources.

Fun stuff.

So we got to encourage goal setting….but the the powers-that-be wanted those goals to reflect tangible growth on weekly tests, which were then to culminate in growth goals for the state standardized test.

And that’s not a bad thing’s just that I don’t find myself super motivated by test scores OR goals that other people are mandating. (Surprise surprise...neither did students.)

Then I moved to Arizona, started my own VA business, fell in love with the online world and started this site and blog...and started my own mini-version of this same thing.

It looked like this: I want to help other people, develop my writing, and grow my business. So I’m going to make goals around that - YES!

And then I started looking around and feeling that appropriate goals would be things like:

  • Growing my email list

  • Getting 10,000 IG followers

  • Creating 100’s of pins and driving blog traffic with a Pinterest strategy

And on and on it goes.

And I realized the goals I was setting weren’t about me and my passions and my own business anymore...they were more about what other people thought success meant (or what I thought they thought it meant...I’m such a talented mind reader, obviously).

So my goals felt stagnant and unappealing to me, which led to me putting off working on my site/podcast/content/allthethings…. because if I achieved my *goals* it wouldn’t even matter that much to me because they didn’t connect to my heart.


Sound familiar?

Maybe you’re pursuing (or already obtained) a college degree that had more to do with your parents’ or society’s expectations than your true desires.

Maybe your business is reaching approved success metrics but it’s really not making you feel as great as you thought it would.

Maybe you have no motivation to push yourself because you don’t really even care that much about what it is you’re trying to do, even as you keep insisting to yourself it has to be done *this* way.

Now...I’m not saying the true sign of success is that everything feels fun and easy...but I am saying that if your BIG, ultimate goal doesn’t truly tug on your heart or get you may have gotten a little lost in the process.

Earlier I had talked about choosing to focus on WHO you’re trying to become rather than just WHY you’re doing it, and I find that whenever my goals start to chafe a little bit, it helps me to go back there.

And guess what? A lot of times the goals that don’t really work for me are goals that are technically moving me towards achievement...but not really speaking to becoming.

Could this be happening to you?

I would challenge you to identify a goal that you’re not really feeling anymore, and see if you can find out why...and then do something about it!

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