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An Open Letter: 10 Business Truths I'm Terrified to Share - Courtney Sjoberg

“I remember the exact day I vowed to be honest and open about the ups, downs, twists and turns and what it really takes to grow a business online. I was in my therapists office, crying on the floor, because I felt like everything I saw online was WAY better than my life.” -Courtney Sjoberg Guest Post

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Challenging Negative Thought Patterns - Christina Hibbard

Do you know that negative thinking can get in the way of our relationships and goals, impact how we live our lives, and make us avoid situations that might have been great for us? Negative thinking causes us to miss out on so many opportunities, but that’s not all; it also creates the conditions that cause us to miss living our lives to their fullest. (Guest post by Christina Hibbard.)

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