Why Startups Fail

3 Ways to Never Succeed with Your Startup

Photo by  John T  on  Unsplash

Photo by John T on Unsplash

  • Continual researching / studying / reading.

I recently purchased Stephen King’s book on writing. It is excellent, thought provoking, and makes an excellent addition to my writer’s library. I also find that my “spare time”, such as it is, is being eaten up by reading about writing – and I haven’t actually been writing.

Beware the trap of workshops, conferences, studies, freebies, and the latest industry books, all of which can subtly slip in and steal time and energy away from the real work of DOING. Don’t be your own worst enemy by creating seemingly meaningful busywork that always prevents the real work from taking place.

Don’t get me wrong – there is certainly room for professional development, and the learning curve can be steep. You’ll need support and encouragement and yes, an ever expanding knowledge base. However, at some point you have to dive in and do the work you know you are meant to do. Use those other things as tools, but don’t let them take your precious work time away.

  • Waiting for the “perfect” moment.

I’m going to start my business as soon as….

my car is paid off

my kids are in school

I have more money in the bank

the moment is right.

Except that’s just it. The moment is never going to be exactly right. We all have stressors, and there will always be that one thing that is less than ideal, competing priorities that drown all else out, and a hundred other reasons to just keep reading / studying / networking without ever actually quite DOING the actual work.


Are you passionate about your idea? Do you have a dream to pursue?

No can make it happen but you. You have to stop pushing it off and make it happen. The only perfect moment is the one who are currently living, so make the most of it! 

  • Hedging your bets.

This topic, and its inherent challenge, are close to home for me because I struggle with fear and anxiety when it comes to stepping out and trusting myself to succeed. My husband is a constant support, and a necessary nudge off the ledge when needed!

If you struggle with hedging your bets and truly trusting yourself, my recommendation would be to find a mentor, coach, or loved one that can help steer you towards making brave, bold decisions that will propel you towards success – even if you can’t quite see it yourself.

Be brave, be bold, and take the ACTIONS needed to attain success.

Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash

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