Embarrassed by My Own Success

Why was my first instinct to act clueless and lucky rather than intelligent and hardworking?

Because I didn’t want to look like I thought too much of myself...didn’t want to “brag”...didn’t want to own something that would make someone else uncomfortable. I just kept pretending that all those good results were just “accidentally” spilling out…

Can you feel me? Have you done it?

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An Open Letter: 10 Business Truths I'm Terrified to Share - Courtney Sjoberg

“I remember the exact day I vowed to be honest and open about the ups, downs, twists and turns and what it really takes to grow a business online. I was in my therapists office, crying on the floor, because I felt like everything I saw online was WAY better than my life.” -Courtney Sjoberg Guest Post

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Replacing Negative Thoughts

We can choose what we want to focus on, and we can choose to change a negative narrative to something that is more life giving and positive. After all, the average human is thinking over 60,000 thoughts a day…but 90% of them are repetitive. So a “few” negative thought patterns or untruths may not seem like a big deal, but they are when the get played on repeat over and over, day in and day out.

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My PCOS Diagnosis

She frowned, told me that cysts are a symptom of PCOS, they are not the condition itself. I learned that PCOS is actually a disorder that impacts your hormones, including insulin, which is why some PCOS patients find that Metformin (a drug prescribed to diabetic patients) helps stabilize their hormones and enables them to lose weight successfully by eating well and exercising.

I learned that all the frustration and failure with weight loss had nothing to do with me needing to try harder or work harder – it was a result of hormones, specifically insulin, that were running amuck in my body.

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Challenging Negative Thought Patterns - Christina Hibbard

Do you know that negative thinking can get in the way of our relationships and goals, impact how we live our lives, and make us avoid situations that might have been great for us? Negative thinking causes us to miss out on so many opportunities, but that’s not all; it also creates the conditions that cause us to miss living our lives to their fullest. (Guest post by Christina Hibbard.)

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Stop Forcing It

Today I used my bank’s drive-thru ATM, and it was an experience in futility and ridiculous expectations. 

I put my card in the slot. Punched in my PIN number. Made it to the Options screen.

And there was no option to make a deposit, no button to push to make this machine take my cash.

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How Panic Attacks + PCOS Improved my Life

Counseling had been something I’d tried before, and it had been okay. I wasn’t against it, but I wasn’t jumping around trying to sign up for anything either. But one night I had just had enough of feeling miserable, so I hunted around a bit and found a counselor I felt like might be a good fit (and who accepted my insurance!).

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