This is where I get to look amazing! I’ve seen a lot of websites, so I know this is my big chance to impress you. It’s like a first date, but I won’t know if you’re in your pajamas.

Sigh. If I’m honest…sometimes I wish this part of a website felt a little less….glossy.

See that happy human leaning against a rustic garden shed? 👉🏼

Yep, that’s me. You know how it is these days; professional photographers are constantly lurking around, snapping flattering pics that practically glow with the rays of a million sunsets.

This is also where I get to tell you how qualified I am, how amazing my mindset always is, and how I “used to” struggle but NOW - now I’m a millionaire floating in pools of melted chocolate (while also eating said chocolate, obviously). If I get sick of that, I’ll ride my unicorn into the horizon and send you back pics of whatever other magical adventure I find myself on. I’ll also probably make a podcast episode about it (stay tuned!).

It would be super fun to write all that up, but the honest truth is...it wouldn’t be real. 

Seriously, sometimes I hardly think my gorgeous photo shoot photos are real, and I was definitely there, sweating through my bra, worrying about my eyebrows, and feeling like a ridiculous, posing fool. 

(Words of advice from the ever amazing Sarah Waggoner of Waggonerhaus Photography: If it feels stupid, it will look great.)

So that’s me too, down there hanging out on my back patio. I can guarantee there were multiple flies buzzing around at least one pile of 💩 because we have two large dogs, and I probably hadn’t showered because I work from home and sometimes I “forget”. It’s all good.

My mindset, personal development, and inner growth have been phenomenal, especially the last two years. I devour books, podcasts, and groups that bring new insights into my life, inspire me to live bigger, and motivate me to seek my own empowerment and growth. I even invested big money (for me!) into getting coaching because I am SERIOUS about seeing growth in my life, and I know that it usually requires an investment.

Yay me!

In light of all that great stuff, I think it’s important to say that sometimes I still have trouble with anxiety, my mood swings put my husband on high alert, and I hesitate before taking *most* leaps of faith.

My PCOS can totally overwhelm me at times (it is a true hormonal sh*t show when things go wild with that, plus losing weight is a nightmare), my journey with infertility can feel like the never-ending black hole, and despite being a grown adult I still feel like I sometimes run into more month than there is money.

All of it’s true.

The personal growth, the mindset work, the pursuit of a bigger life...and that hard stuff that makes me feel small, isolated, and like a complete failure.

Sometimes the sails that are bringing me into my future get twisted into flags of surrender, and it can take a lot of effort to even begin untangling them so I can get back on course.

All that to say...I’m a big believer in the power of AND.

I can hurt and struggle and not know all the things AND love the field of personal growth, have a burning desire to help others improve their mindsets, and share the ways in which I have been successful.

I can also embrace being the gorgeous photoshoot girl AND the casual selfie-taker with a double chin because I have the ability to encompass so much more than just one persona or way of being.

No matter who you are, where you’ve been, or where you find yourself mired down - I would be honored to hold space for you here, encourage you in your journey, and be an advocate for you to discover the most powerful story of all - yours.